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"Late Nights,Early Mornings"

Sep. 26th, 2005

03:07 pm - add my other name!

Okay add my other LJ name!Im not posting here anymore.The username is: mandiloves,hehe shanny helped me think of it!


Kelso= my best friend ever ♥ hehe

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Jun. 8th, 2005

08:26 pm - ....OMG.....

WOW im soooo incredibly happppy PETE IS SOUND


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04:44 pm - ..sad..

Omg my middle school year is almost over!!im happy and im sad.im happy to get away from all these people i can't stand.im happy to leave these teachers.im happy to move on.im sad to leave my true friends.im sad i wont see them again.im sad to leave the school.it's just all there!i do and i don't wanna move on.i dont wannd leave my friends!some are i might not even see again!<3 to my girls.you all rocked thanks for making this year better and better anyone else could ever!!corie and karyssa you rock i could not make it past this year with out you!

karyssa-we had are fights...let's just say we had alot!!but we deffy got over it.thanks for bein there for me thru thick and thin your awsome!social studies was great when i tied your shoe to the desk and we make our 'poems'.skipping class,wondering the halls.making fun of peoples clothes!*caugh*ashb.hmmp.lmfao.i could keep writing forever and ever!we have soo many AWSOME times im really gonna miss you!thanks for bein there for me!CALL ME EVERYDAY!heh im gonna call you kars.even tho you hate it :)

corie-heh mr.cole you dont like it shove it up your mouth.i hate you mr.cole,so does your wife.lmfao!!thanks for making me laugh and making 'fun' of some people.im hoping HTH takes me this summer..im so sad they did not.make sure you call me.im here for you..have have prolly met every '2-faces' person in thie whol BAMs school!!!lmfao..we have so much fun..making fun of mr.cole on how much we hate him...



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Jun. 1st, 2005

09:09 pm - ..updateness..

sorry for not updating!!hah,anyway pete was lame today geezz he has an absess so i soaked his foot it must have felt good cause he kept it in there for a FULL HOUR!so yea while he was soaking i groomed him and pulled his mane then i just sat there and chas got to the farm talked to her then she went to ride um got back to pete sat there again then i hadda wrap his foot.put some medicene on  it and wraped it with VET WRAP and then me and my mom hadda go and fine some duct tape lol the barn there was none so my mom went out and bought some and then i wrapped his foot and turned him out awwe my poor pete :( he could not even walk :( omg i feel so bad for him i hope he does get better...
haha look at this pic of me..golly am i wierd!!hehe!!




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May. 29th, 2005

10:30 pm - ...after party...

okay i just got home from lars party let's just say i had fun!!okay last night when i got there we jumped around and pretened to be ***** haha yea im not going to say the name!!lmao..anyway then we watched a movie 13 going on 30 thats such a cute movie!then we went to bed around 1ish and then woke up around 8ish eat a wonderfull dinner omg it was awsome!!yummay,went outside rode around in the gator or mule whatever you wanna call it,had lunch yummy pizza went back into the gator went to her creek and walked like a ton on there ouch my feet hurt omg creeks have a ton of rocks in it lol my feet oh yea and we put fly masks on her horses before the creek and chased Crystal around cause she would not let us put it on her!!hah for a pregnate mare she can run but her canter is like my run hehe she is going to have one nice foal well tomorrow im going shopping with my kels so im gonna go to bed well try to go to bed!!heh post more tom.leave me some of those comments

*~*late nights early mornings...
*~*make summer 05' like never before.

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May. 26th, 2005

08:25 pm - ...the stuffies again...

okay i really hate these stuffies!!i took my medicene and all and they are still horrible!!gar!!anyway im now hooked on a new sim horse game!!it's Equine-World..oh and the link is WWW.Equine-World.NET if you wanna join.Not much went on today i got home and went on the computer had dinner and now im back here..im gonna go...lol

much love

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May. 25th, 2005

04:33 pm - ...yayness...

well i have like a ton of energy and im so ready to leave for the barn.look what i learned yesterday kels taught me <3 look what i learnedCollapse ) so anyway....im really hooping i can get another puppy from chas like HOPING A TON!!cause i reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyy want one,but yet again i want alot of things..

[1]a puppy
[2]a .com for THH
[3]another horse/pony
[4]to show on the "A"s
[5]to have my own barn
[6]and a friend to trust...


well im off now dinner , homework and then barn ..ttyal..


<3    mands

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May. 24th, 2005

06:39 pm - ..i owed you these <3..

okay i told you i would post these pictures the first one is Pete my awsomeness horse whom i love to death!!the second one is Jimmy the next awsomeness horse whom i also love to death p.s chas you can have that pic of ur horse if you want!!and the rest are some dumb one's of me =P


yea i think im not gonna post the pic's of me haha!


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04:50 pm - ..Random Little Update..

well im gonna make this a fast one i have some random pictures im gonna post lol...i went to school for a half a day got out early for a docter's appt well that did not last long then i came home had lunch yea i was pretty dang happy i did not have to go back to school,oh yea Mr.Cole has worked my last nerve i was about to give him the worst tude!!gr.. he took my LiveStrong braclet and that was the class i was gonna leave early in yea i did i asked for my braclet back and yes i did give him a tude he worked my last nerve i was gonna get up and hit him!!so i asked for it and he said you can get it at the end of the day and i said well you know what i won't be here!!!so he said well you can get it at the end of the day tom im like whatever bye..so yea he EVEN DARES TO TAKE MY TIFFANY BRACELET the office will deffy know about that...grr i hate him so much!!darn gay teacher!!oh yes the word's i choosed were put into a nicer way there ;)...anyway here are some rannnnndddoooom pics and icons lol i am in a picture mood today!! hehe.............



p.s.--->post pictures later they are loading

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May. 23rd, 2005

04:06 pm - ..an update and a quiz i stole from lesley..

okay so the show went good i think i won the pleasure hack or was that children's yea i don't member so i got a 2nd in eq and a 5 in medals or the other way around whoa i have a horrible memory!!"short term memory loss"hah so me! i think i got more i just can't member anyway LK took my sturrips away for 2 TWO weeks!!to make my leg strong and it's okay with me since i really want to do the 3 foot like badly i can do i wanna show in it!!the footing was horrible then when i got home from the barn i bathed pete since he was all sweaty and it's gross when they have sweat on them and they worked so hard for you and went in that bad footing and you don't put anything on it!so i did all that let him eat his dinner turned him out and left.then i got home eat dinner emtped the car and fell asleep i was so tired!!school was boaring as usal!!my nose is all stuffy and i feel horrible so my mom called the docters to do something about it!cause im really getting sick of it!and not im here updating this and looking for some thing's to do!here is another quiz i stole from lesley hehe!!!

<3 mandi

[?] Nicknames: Mandi,mands,um and other random things my friends make up
[?] Gender: female
[?] Age: 14
[?] Birthday:November 1,1990
[?] Birthplace: Some hospital in Trenton =P
[?] Current Location: Bel Air,MD
[?] School: Bel Air Middle
[?] Colors: pink,green,baby blue
[?] Zodiac Sign: scopio(sp?)
[?] Height: hah who knows!!
[?] Eye color: hazel
[?] Hair color: Brown/Blonde/With A Little Red
[?] Length: a little longer then my sholders
[?] Righty or Lefty: righty
[?] piercings: ears
[?] tattoos: eww
[?] Own a thong: duh [haha!!]
[?] Fav Number: 3 [so random]
[?] Pets: Raven(cat),Keiko(mutt doggy),Pete (tb horse)
[?] Favorite place to visit:New Jersey(i see all my family)
[?] Wish:hmm...pretter,and sometimes i lived in NJ again
-Have You Ever-
[?] Smoked: ew no
[?] Drank: yes..opps
[?] Gotten drunk: nope
[?] Stayed in your pj's all day: yes!!
[?] Left your state: yes
[?] Drank milk straight from the carton: ew i hate milk
[?] Tripped up the stairs: yes 3 times in one day :P
[?] Wished upon a star: yepper
[?] Had it come true: i think so
[?] Slapped someone: yepper
[?] Danced like a maniac: BANQUET!!!!!!!
[?] Gotten paid for a dance: nope
[?] Given/had a lap dance:nope
[?] Chased a butterfly:yepper!!
[?] Gotten beaten up:hm..my friends!hah
[?] Stolen anything: hm!!
[?] Thought about suicide:nope
[?] Slept under the stars: yep
[?] Been on a plane: yes
[?] Gone camping: in my backyard if that counts!!hah
[?] Ditched school: yea!!
[?] Lost yourself: duh!
[?] Burned stuff just because: nope not yet =P
[?] Been called a pyro:no
[?] Had something published:no
[?] Been kissed: yeah
[?] Been in lust: ....
[?] Been in love: nah
[?] Changed who you were to fit in: once
[?] Fallen for your best friend:nope
[?] Cheated on someone: nope
[?] Been cheated on: nope
[?] Cheated on tests: of course who hasnt?
[?] Done something you regret:yea all the time

[?] Day of the week: friday
[?] Holiday: Chistmas,New Years,My Birthday!!
[?] Food:ice cream!!
[?] Ice cream:VANILLER!!
[?] pizza:well..pepperonie
[?] Fruit: blueberrys
[?] Alcoholic drink:i donno!
[?] Candy: reeses
[?] Season: summer
[?] Colors:pink,light blue,green
[?] Sound: music and my horse
[?] Animal: horse
[?] Cartoon: spongebob
[?] Movie: i got lots
[?] Actor: who knows
[?] Actress: who knows
[?] Radio station:92 Q
[?] Place:the barn,my house(somtimes)
[?] Flower: roses

-Are you…-
[?] Simple or complicated:complicated
[?] Afraid of death: yes!
[?] immature: hmm when i wanna
[?] Understanding:depends to who
[?] Open-minded: yes!!
[?] Interesting: hm..yea i am!
[?] Hungry: haha im not gonna say to much!
[?] Friendly: sometimes!
[?] Smart: ehh
[?] Moody: yep
[?] Childish: ehh lol
[?] Independent: yea
[?] Organized: yea with my school stuff i have to be or ill have a fit!!lol
[?] Shy: depends to who
[?] Difficult: depends
[?] Bored easily: all the time
[?] Messy: yea my room
[?] Responsible: yea sometimes
[?] Obsessed:yea horses
[?] Angry:if you make me
[?] Sad:it depends if something happend
[?] Happy:when im not sad ^^
[?] Hyper: all the time
[?] Trusting: yea
[?] Talkative: who im talking to
[?] Obsessive compulsive:omg no way!

[?] One thing you'd like to achieve:i got alot ?
[?] Where do you see yourself in 10 years:at the age of 24 hah!
[?] Where do you wanna live: FL!
[?] Do you want to get married: yeah
[?] Age you hope to be married: no clue!
[?] Dream Wedding:on a farm yea i no i love horses
[?] How many kids:1 girl
[?] Son's name(s): none!!
[?] Daughter's name(s): im not sure yet
[?] Job or Career: career
[?] What country would you most like to visit: Canda!!

[?] Current Clothes:aero polo,and capris
[?] Current Taste:Orbit gum
[?] Current Hair: pony tail to the side with pink and green ribbon
[?] Current Annoyance: the music same songs!!
[?] Current Smell: none
[?] Current thing you ought to be doing: homework
[?] Current Desktop Picture:a pink blue and green stripes with hearts on the corners
[?] Current Favorite Group:?
[?] Current DVD In Player: meet the fockers
[?] Current Refreshment: water
[?] Current Worry: final math exams
[?] Current Crush:eem..
[?] Current Favorite Celebrity:i don't really have one
[?] Cd in Cd player:a cd i burned with a ton of random song's
[?] current music: We Belong Togher-Mirah Carey

-On Dating-
[?] Long or short hair: short
[?] Dark or light hair: light
[?] Tall or short: medium
[?] Best eye color: blue!!
[?] Best weight: hmmph
[?] Best articles of clothing: depends on the guy(ae)
[?] Pierced or no: not important
[?] Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny: prolly mr sensitive

-Friends & People-
[?] What's the best quality you find in a friend:someone i can trust,have fun with and understands me
[?] who is your role model:um...right now? chas
[?] Who's your best or closest friends: kelsey,amanda
[?] What do u first notice when u meet a new person: their personality
[?] What do u first notice when u meet someone of the opposite sex: eyes
[?] funniest friend: umm Amanda!!we always joke around!!
[?] Weirdest friend: umm Kelsey!!!haah
[?] Craziest friend: Amanda
[?] loudest friend: Amanda
[?] who you tell your dreams to: Kelsey
[?] you tell your fears to: Kelsey
[?] have dreamt about you: haha who knowa!!
[?] knows everything about you:i really don't know
[?] you tell your secrets to: Amanda/Kelsey
[?] Cant live w/o: honestly, all my friends/hgf/show girls they are all awsome i really don't know what i would do w/out them!
[?] lives the farthest away: Nicci,i miss her a ton!
[?] lives the closest to you:not shure
[?] most like you: Amanda/Kelsey/Corie C.
[?] Do u have a crush:none of yours!!
[?] Are you in love:nope
[?] Who: no on i said!!
[?] Who was ur first crush:ermm long time..
[?] Do u have a b/f or g/f:no!!
[?] Who do you want to kill: um let's say alot of ppl no names!
[?] who do you wanna slap: let's not say!!hah
[?] who do you wanna look like: hmm someone pretty
[?] who do you wanna be like: i wanna be myself

-You Prefer-
[?] pierce your nose or tongue: ew gross
[?] be serious or be funny: it depends on what sit im in
[?] 2 or 4 door car: 4
[?] Bridges or tunnels: tunnels
[?] One or two pillows: 1, always 1!!!
[?] flowers or angels: angels
[?] grey or gray: haha first i could not tell the diffy
[?] color or black-and-white photos:color
[?] lust or love: love
[?] sunrise or sunset: sunset
[?] M&Ms or Skittles: skittles
[?] rap or rock: rap
[?] staying up late or waking up early: staying up lattte
[?] TV or radio: radio
[?] apples or oranges: apples
[?] Pepsi or coke: coke
[?] boxers or briefs: boxers
[?] Chocolate milk or hot chocolate: hot coco
[?] McDonalds or Burger King: Burger King
[?] Sweet or sour: sweet
[?] Cats or dogs: dogs
[?] Ocean or Pool: ocean
[?] Vanilla or Chocolate: umm both
[?] Bunk-bed or waterbed:water!!i had one before they are fun..
[?] Chewing gum or hard candy: gum
[?] Lights on or off: off
[?] sun or moon: sun i can tann!
[?] Newspaper or magazine: magazine
[?] Sandals or sneakers: sandals
[?] Red car or white car: white
[?] Singing or dancing: dancing
[?] Happy or sad: happy
[?] boys or girls: boys
[?] Chicken or fish: chicken
[?] cell phone or pager: celly
[?] Eminem or DMX: eminem
[?] Barney or Sesame Street: Sesame Street they are cute!!but Barney is hotter!!
[?] Simpsons or Third Rock from the Sun: Simpsons
[?] MTV or BET: MTV
[?] Are you glad this is over?: should i be??i guess if i was you and you read it!!heh

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May. 21st, 2005

07:05 pm - ..tired..

im so tired and these alergies are just making thing's much worse.i woke up at 4:30 and my mom came in my room and said we don't need to be there untill 6ish so go back to bed and ill wake you up so she did i think it was like 5:30 or 5 i really don't remember.i got ready and we left stopped at wawa and finished our ride to the farm we were deffy making perfect timing.since i put pete in a blanket the night before he did not get very dirty i schooled myself in the lower ring and karen schooled me in the upper.pete was good we did not pull away with anything,but i guess that's okay when you are with 75847385743902 $$ horses so now im here and so tired i got home and went up on my computer and downloaded "switch" and went downstairs and fell asleep!!for like 3 hour's and im still tired my mom woke me up for dinner did not eat much im not to hungry watched the Pimlico race wow im so happy Aflet Alex won!!and what made it even better whas his comaback when the other horse cut him  and he tripped and still manged to win!!





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May. 20th, 2005

09:35 pm - ..rush,rush!!..

okay today has been a total "rush" im not very happy about it i hate rushing!!!okay i went to school like awlays unfor. it went okay a lot of the teacher's were not there, soi kinda made it better but anyway after school i hadda hurry up and go to my lesson and i was late!!gar,i hurry and tacked up and hacked around and jumped over a "warm-up jump" and got caught up pete was awsome im so proud of him <3,me and shannon laughed half the time but it's okay!!lol fun tymes..then i let him eat his dinner and caught up to manda!we messed around for lik 10 minutes like always and then we got on sissi and i tode pack for her im so not used to just sitting there and looking "pretty" but he was good.then i cleaned all my tack and went home,i got on my mom's nerves so she is mad at me lol..but anywho i hadda hurry and get everything ready she would not help me cause she was pissed at me!!so.i took my shower and not im posting here.ill try to tell you all how it went then ill have to do everything all over again!!i have to get up at 4:30 must go...

mucho <3


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May. 19th, 2005

08:40 pm - ..told you!!..

told you i would add one!!lmfao
<33stole from kelsey{poloparadise} who she stole it from "whoatherekiddo"<33

[x] I've consumed alcohol.[hm..lol..opps..]]
[ ] I've run away from home.
[ ] I have lied to my parents about where I am.
[ ] I don't like Bush because from what I hear, he is dumb.
[ ] I don't like Bush with my own reasons to back it up. ... but think the anti-bush thing is out of control
[x] I am for Bush.
[ ] I listen to political music.
[ ] I collect comic books.
[ ] I shut others out when I'm depressed.
[ ] I open up to others easily
[ ] I am keeping a secret from the world
[x] I watch the news
[x] I own over 5 rap CDs.
[ ] I own an iPod or MP3
[ ] I own something from Hot Topic
[x] I love Disney Movies.
[x] I am a sucker for hair/eyes
[ ] I don't kill bugs.
[x] I curse regularly.
[ ] I paid for that cell phone ring.
[ ] I am a sports fanatic.
[ ] I have "x"s in my screen name.
[x] I've slipped out an "lol" in a real conversation.
[ ] I love Spam.
[x] I bake well[[maybe]]
[x I would wear pajamas to school.
[x]I own something from Abercrombie.
[ ] I have a job
[ ]I love Martha Stewart.
[x] I am in love with love.
[ ] I am guilty oF tYpInG lIkE tHiS.
[x] I am self conscious
[x] I like to laugh.
[ ] I smoke a pack a day.
[ ] I loved Perks of Being a Wallflower
[ ] I loved Go Ask Alice.
[x] I have cough drops when I'm not sick.
[] I can't swallow pills.
[ ] I can swallow about 5 pills at a time no problem
[x] I eat fast food weekly
[x] I have many scars
[ ] I've been out of this country.
[x] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room.
[x] I am really ticklish.
[ ] I see a therapist.
[x] I love chocolate.
[x] I bite my nails.
[x] I am comfortable with being me.
[ ] I play video games.
[x] I'm single
[ ] I'm in a relationship
[x] Gotten lost in your city
[ ] Saw a shooting star.
[ ] Been to any other countries besides the united states
[ ] Had a serious Surgery?
[x]Gone out in public in your pajamas
[ ] have Kissed a Stranger
[ ] Hugged a stranger
[ ] Been in a fist fight
[ ] Been arrested
[x] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator..
[ ] Made out in an elevator
[ ] Swore at your parents
[x] Kicked a guy where it hurts
[ ] Been to a casino
[ ] Been skydiving
[] Broken a bone
[x] Skipped school
[ ] Flashed someone
[ ] Saw a therapist
[ ] Done the splits
[x] Played spin the bottle
[x] Gotten stitches
[ ] Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour
[x] Bitten someone
[ ] Been to Niagara Falls
[] Gotten the chicken pox
[ ] Kissed a member of the same sex
[ ] Crashed into a friend's car
[ ] Been to Japan
[x] Ridden in a taxi
[ ] Shoplifted
[ ] Been fired
[x] Had feelings for someone who didnt have them back
[ ] Stole something from your job
[ ] Gone on a blind date
[]Lied to a friend
[] Had a crush on a teacher
[ ] Celebrated mardigras in New Orleans
[ ] Been to Europe
[ ] Slept with a co-worker
[ ] Been married
[ ] Gotten divorced
[ ] Had children
[] Saw someone dying
[ ] Been to Africa
[ ] Driven over 400 miles in one day
[ ] Been to Canada
[ ] Been to Mexico
[x] Been on a plane
[ ] Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
[ ] Thrown up in a bar
[x] Eaten Sushi[[it was nasty!!]]
[ ] Been snowboarding
[ ] Been Skiing
[x] Met someone in person from the internet[[soon!!when i turn 16..DEZ!!]]
[ ] Been to a moto cross show
[ ] Lost a child
[ ] Gone to college
[ ] Graduated college
[ ] Done hard drugs
[x] Taken painkillers
[ ] Had someone cheat on you
[x] Miss someone right now
[x] done something that made you feel stupid
[x] wished you were somewhere but here
[] hungry right now
[x] hate being last
[x] wished you were someone else
[ ] been dicked over by a friend
[ ] know that you're a loser[[what's that supposed to mean!?lmao]]

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06:18 pm - sneezes :(

first im so sick of these sneezes and stuffy nose :( they suck soo bad!!! i really hate them whith a passion!!im so happy tom is friday i could not make it any more..i hate school so much lol..i think it's like only 20 something day's left counting down i can't wait!!i have two shows this weekend im am gonna get completley no sleep what so ever!!i might be in the chances of winning something but im not gonna say to much since it might ruin it :) heh!!im begging my mom to be me one of chas puppies!!i want one soo badd!!err they are so cute!!hah i have takin so much clariton im like on "clartion drugs"!!hah...im just like posting random thing's so if you actully read this here..lol im gonna come back and post a quiz i have not talkin one in a long time lol i miss em!!hah bbl...mandi..

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May. 18th, 2005

03:56 pm - long tyme

sorry im kinda bad at updating this :-/..ill leave some before i leave.the show went awsome awe i love welshies,since i stayed over chas house i got to see lacie's puppies!!they are soo cute!!i get to stay over there again next weekend so they will have there eye's open and then we get to play with them!!yay.can't wait i have to show this weekend gr..hgf and tmf ugh!!tmf hope pete won't go lame :-/..on another note i guess school has been going good the same and always.wow it's almost over im gonna be sad and happy cause i really hate those bams teacher's and im gonna miss some ppl there..but then i gotta go on to bahs darn another horrible school...im gonna go!!post later if i can....

hm one or two year's till i drive!!hola!
i think around 30 or so day's till me and kelss go to the beach!!

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May. 10th, 2005

08:07 pm - ..Tired..

Whoa im soo tired today,i woke up for school today threw my hair up in this bun sorta thingy and wore a polo and capris it was a cute outfit tho :)...anyway school went okay as usual...same annoying ppl,yesterday i tripped over a blanket and got blanket burn lmfao!then my mom wanted to bring something to are neighbor i fell over a step ouch..O_O and my ankle hurt's soo bad but i hadda do gym today when i got home i was sooo tired i got on the computer waited a little for Kels to get on but she took to long lol,so I went downstairs and layed with my kitten and i just kinda fell asleep,and my mom went out.I went to watch TV in the couch room or w/e you wanna call it and fell aslep for 15mins and then i got my PJ's on and now im here.I did not go to the farm my ankle hurt's soo bad and i have the worst sneeze's....anyway this week is going sorta slow and sorta fast..no show..well no hhsa show im so friggen happy since i would like start sleeping in the middle.lol..not this weekend but next weekend im staying the sat to sunday night over chas house oh yea chas my mom said yea it's fine :)..I think that's it and im sowwy for not updating im gonna go and catch up with my comment's to leave everyone :)Leave me some i <33 reading them lol:)


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May. 5th, 2005

03:39 pm - ....f...a...k...e....

I really am hating this school,the ppl in it I hate it!The frekin ppl are all fake!!im soo sick of it!I can't wait till i get out of it oh wait then i move on to more fake people !im so sick of it,it's making me soo mad!!if my mom does not let me switch school's im gonna be so mad!bel air high is gonna be horrible!...sorry for not updating for a lil'....but im gonna go...oh yea one more thing!

still gonna ask my parent's about the beach fun..ill IM you my number,text it!..

<33 mandi

Current Mood: pissed offyou read it!!
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Apr. 29th, 2005

08:57 pm - Lesson Today!

My Lesson went awsome Pete was great..im acuttally learning how to ride him so much better every show and lesson!!Im soo proud of him and how he is doing at these shows!!Not To much oh yea I have a show on Sunday at caves gl to all whos going!


Current Mood: coldmy room is freezing!brr lol
Current Music: nothing-watching Austin Powers!!!LOL

Apr. 24th, 2005

03:36 am - ..nothing...

i got nothing nothing done today!!like nothing i wanted to head over to the farm but of course my source of a ride my mom said nope!gosh can't wait till i can drive...school tom i really don't want to go at all!!i redid my LJ yesterday after i got home from the show i went on the computer then it starded storming so I redid my lj.there is this horse forum HGS forum i am hooked on!Which mean's i have not been on my PSC game to update it,or to advertise it!!!so here is it-http://www.freewebs.com/ponyshowcircuit/index.htm lol that's my productive day!!


Current Mood: blankdid nothing!!

Apr. 23rd, 2005

07:22 am - ....show today....

Today Went better then i had planed yea i don't member what i got in Eq,but in Childrens i got RESERVE and in pleasure i got RESERVE..it's gonna me a hard season!!My point's are going to go up down up down.lol..anywho,Pete was awsome very tired LK said i was doing the "tundra canter"we picked up the wrong lead a couple of times and still manged to place in the Eq,i think it was a .....5?lol...must go!!Good Job Everyone!!


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