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..Tired.. - "Late Nights,Early Mornings"

May. 10th, 2005

08:07 pm - ..Tired..

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Whoa im soo tired today,i woke up for school today threw my hair up in this bun sorta thingy and wore a polo and capris it was a cute outfit tho :)...anyway school went okay as usual...same annoying ppl,yesterday i tripped over a blanket and got blanket burn lmfao!then my mom wanted to bring something to are neighbor i fell over a step ouch..O_O and my ankle hurt's soo bad but i hadda do gym today when i got home i was sooo tired i got on the computer waited a little for Kels to get on but she took to long lol,so I went downstairs and layed with my kitten and i just kinda fell asleep,and my mom went out.I went to watch TV in the couch room or w/e you wanna call it and fell aslep for 15mins and then i got my PJ's on and now im here.I did not go to the farm my ankle hurt's soo bad and i have the worst sneeze's....anyway this week is going sorta slow and sorta fast..no show..well no hhsa show im so friggen happy since i would like start sleeping in the middle.lol..not this weekend but next weekend im staying the sat to sunday night over chas house oh yea chas my mom said yea it's fine :)..I think that's it and im sowwy for not updating im gonna go and catch up with my comment's to leave everyone :)Leave me some i <33 reading them lol:)


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