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long tyme - "Late Nights,Early Mornings"

May. 18th, 2005

03:56 pm - long tyme

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sorry im kinda bad at updating this :-/..ill leave some before i leave.the show went awsome awe i love welshies,since i stayed over chas house i got to see lacie's puppies!!they are soo cute!!i get to stay over there again next weekend so they will have there eye's open and then we get to play with them!!yay.can't wait i have to show this weekend gr..hgf and tmf ugh!!tmf hope pete won't go lame :-/..on another note i guess school has been going good the same and always.wow it's almost over im gonna be sad and happy cause i really hate those bams teacher's and im gonna miss some ppl there..but then i gotta go on to bahs darn another horrible school...im gonna go!!post later if i can....

hm one or two year's till i drive!!hola!
i think around 30 or so day's till me and kelss go to the beach!!

Current Mood: relaxedgood :)
Current Music: eminem-just loose it/&toy solider