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..sad.. - "Late Nights,Early Mornings"

Jun. 8th, 2005

04:44 pm - ..sad..

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Omg my middle school year is almost over!!im happy and im sad.im happy to get away from all these people i can't stand.im happy to leave these teachers.im happy to move on.im sad to leave my true friends.im sad i wont see them again.im sad to leave the school.it's just all there!i do and i don't wanna move on.i dont wannd leave my friends!some are i might not even see again!<3 to my girls.you all rocked thanks for making this year better and better anyone else could ever!!corie and karyssa you rock i could not make it past this year with out you!

karyssa-we had are fights...let's just say we had alot!!but we deffy got over it.thanks for bein there for me thru thick and thin your awsome!social studies was great when i tied your shoe to the desk and we make our 'poems'.skipping class,wondering the halls.making fun of peoples clothes!*caugh*ashb.hmmp.lmfao.i could keep writing forever and ever!we have soo many AWSOME times im really gonna miss you!thanks for bein there for me!CALL ME EVERYDAY!heh im gonna call you kars.even tho you hate it :)

corie-heh mr.cole you dont like it shove it up your mouth.i hate you mr.cole,so does your wife.lmfao!!thanks for making me laugh and making 'fun' of some people.im hoping HTH takes me this summer..im so sad they did not.make sure you call me.im here for you..have have prolly met every '2-faces' person in thie whol BAMs school!!!lmfao..we have so much fun..making fun of mr.cole on how much we hate him...



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