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"Late Nights,Early Mornings"

Apr. 16th, 2005

08:46 am - Show Today!!

wow the show went awsome!!!two firsts in the Pleasure Horse i got a reserve in that and Chas got Champ!!HOLA!lmao..me and chas are gonna rock pleasure!!!:) anyhow.i won the Childrens Hack.out of 20 i think very good.and a 2 in the Eq hack and a 4 in the Eq o/f...Pete was AWSOME i was soo proud of him...i might change his show name cause someone eles has it.i dont like having the same name..!well mught go..take a shower eat and lay down!tis' was windy out today!!byes...


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Apr. 15th, 2005

10:51 am - nice n easy....

today was not as bad as i thought it would turn out to b...i had a test in math that was kinda easy im not gonna say ne more cause with my luck ill um..fail.:/ so after school i had my lesson LK got on Pete first and tought me some stuff...and then i got on him and i learned alot in that lesson..we practiced on countint and i have to re-tech in to go to the deep.cause we can get the distance and stuff.anyway i have a show tom i just can't wait to see how Pete is gonna pull away with the ribbons...oh yea i starded a LJ alot of my freinds are switching over so yea i wanted to change to..im gonna go and eat a REALLLY little dinner and a lateee one!!tis' already 11:00 i must go show tom!!byez...post tom tell you how everything went!!

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