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..an update and a quiz i stole from lesley.. - "Late Nights,Early Mornings"

May. 23rd, 2005

04:06 pm - ..an update and a quiz i stole from lesley..

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okay so the show went good i think i won the pleasure hack or was that children's yea i don't member so i got a 2nd in eq and a 5 in medals or the other way around whoa i have a horrible memory!!"short term memory loss"hah so me! i think i got more i just can't member anyway LK took my sturrips away for 2 TWO weeks!!to make my leg strong and it's okay with me since i really want to do the 3 foot like badly i can do i wanna show in it!!the footing was horrible then when i got home from the barn i bathed pete since he was all sweaty and it's gross when they have sweat on them and they worked so hard for you and went in that bad footing and you don't put anything on it!so i did all that let him eat his dinner turned him out and left.then i got home eat dinner emtped the car and fell asleep i was so tired!!school was boaring as usal!!my nose is all stuffy and i feel horrible so my mom called the docters to do something about it!cause im really getting sick of it!and not im here updating this and looking for some thing's to do!here is another quiz i stole from lesley hehe!!!

<3 mandi

[?] Nicknames: Mandi,mands,um and other random things my friends make up
[?] Gender: female
[?] Age: 14
[?] Birthday:November 1,1990
[?] Birthplace: Some hospital in Trenton =P
[?] Current Location: Bel Air,MD
[?] School: Bel Air Middle
[?] Colors: pink,green,baby blue
[?] Zodiac Sign: scopio(sp?)
[?] Height: hah who knows!!
[?] Eye color: hazel
[?] Hair color: Brown/Blonde/With A Little Red
[?] Length: a little longer then my sholders
[?] Righty or Lefty: righty
[?] piercings: ears
[?] tattoos: eww
[?] Own a thong: duh [haha!!]
[?] Fav Number: 3 [so random]
[?] Pets: Raven(cat),Keiko(mutt doggy),Pete (tb horse)
[?] Favorite place to visit:New Jersey(i see all my family)
[?] Wish:hmm...pretter,and sometimes i lived in NJ again
-Have You Ever-
[?] Smoked: ew no
[?] Drank: yes..opps
[?] Gotten drunk: nope
[?] Stayed in your pj's all day: yes!!
[?] Left your state: yes
[?] Drank milk straight from the carton: ew i hate milk
[?] Tripped up the stairs: yes 3 times in one day :P
[?] Wished upon a star: yepper
[?] Had it come true: i think so
[?] Slapped someone: yepper
[?] Danced like a maniac: BANQUET!!!!!!!
[?] Gotten paid for a dance: nope
[?] Given/had a lap dance:nope
[?] Chased a butterfly:yepper!!
[?] Gotten beaten up:hm..my friends!hah
[?] Stolen anything: hm!!
[?] Thought about suicide:nope
[?] Slept under the stars: yep
[?] Been on a plane: yes
[?] Gone camping: in my backyard if that counts!!hah
[?] Ditched school: yea!!
[?] Lost yourself: duh!
[?] Burned stuff just because: nope not yet =P
[?] Been called a pyro:no
[?] Had something published:no
[?] Been kissed: yeah
[?] Been in lust: ....
[?] Been in love: nah
[?] Changed who you were to fit in: once
[?] Fallen for your best friend:nope
[?] Cheated on someone: nope
[?] Been cheated on: nope
[?] Cheated on tests: of course who hasnt?
[?] Done something you regret:yea all the time

[?] Day of the week: friday
[?] Holiday: Chistmas,New Years,My Birthday!!
[?] Food:ice cream!!
[?] Ice cream:VANILLER!!
[?] pizza:well..pepperonie
[?] Fruit: blueberrys
[?] Alcoholic drink:i donno!
[?] Candy: reeses
[?] Season: summer
[?] Colors:pink,light blue,green
[?] Sound: music and my horse
[?] Animal: horse
[?] Cartoon: spongebob
[?] Movie: i got lots
[?] Actor: who knows
[?] Actress: who knows
[?] Radio station:92 Q
[?] Place:the barn,my house(somtimes)
[?] Flower: roses

-Are you…-
[?] Simple or complicated:complicated
[?] Afraid of death: yes!
[?] immature: hmm when i wanna
[?] Understanding:depends to who
[?] Open-minded: yes!!
[?] Interesting: hm..yea i am!
[?] Hungry: haha im not gonna say to much!
[?] Friendly: sometimes!
[?] Smart: ehh
[?] Moody: yep
[?] Childish: ehh lol
[?] Independent: yea
[?] Organized: yea with my school stuff i have to be or ill have a fit!!lol
[?] Shy: depends to who
[?] Difficult: depends
[?] Bored easily: all the time
[?] Messy: yea my room
[?] Responsible: yea sometimes
[?] Obsessed:yea horses
[?] Angry:if you make me
[?] Sad:it depends if something happend
[?] Happy:when im not sad ^^
[?] Hyper: all the time
[?] Trusting: yea
[?] Talkative: who im talking to
[?] Obsessive compulsive:omg no way!

[?] One thing you'd like to achieve:i got alot ?
[?] Where do you see yourself in 10 years:at the age of 24 hah!
[?] Where do you wanna live: FL!
[?] Do you want to get married: yeah
[?] Age you hope to be married: no clue!
[?] Dream Wedding:on a farm yea i no i love horses
[?] How many kids:1 girl
[?] Son's name(s): none!!
[?] Daughter's name(s): im not sure yet
[?] Job or Career: career
[?] What country would you most like to visit: Canda!!

[?] Current Clothes:aero polo,and capris
[?] Current Taste:Orbit gum
[?] Current Hair: pony tail to the side with pink and green ribbon
[?] Current Annoyance: the music same songs!!
[?] Current Smell: none
[?] Current thing you ought to be doing: homework
[?] Current Desktop Picture:a pink blue and green stripes with hearts on the corners
[?] Current Favorite Group:?
[?] Current DVD In Player: meet the fockers
[?] Current Refreshment: water
[?] Current Worry: final math exams
[?] Current Crush:eem..
[?] Current Favorite Celebrity:i don't really have one
[?] Cd in Cd player:a cd i burned with a ton of random song's
[?] current music: We Belong Togher-Mirah Carey

-On Dating-
[?] Long or short hair: short
[?] Dark or light hair: light
[?] Tall or short: medium
[?] Best eye color: blue!!
[?] Best weight: hmmph
[?] Best articles of clothing: depends on the guy(ae)
[?] Pierced or no: not important
[?] Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny: prolly mr sensitive

-Friends & People-
[?] What's the best quality you find in a friend:someone i can trust,have fun with and understands me
[?] who is your role model:um...right now? chas
[?] Who's your best or closest friends: kelsey,amanda
[?] What do u first notice when u meet a new person: their personality
[?] What do u first notice when u meet someone of the opposite sex: eyes
[?] funniest friend: umm Amanda!!we always joke around!!
[?] Weirdest friend: umm Kelsey!!!haah
[?] Craziest friend: Amanda
[?] loudest friend: Amanda
[?] who you tell your dreams to: Kelsey
[?] you tell your fears to: Kelsey
[?] have dreamt about you: haha who knowa!!
[?] knows everything about you:i really don't know
[?] you tell your secrets to: Amanda/Kelsey
[?] Cant live w/o: honestly, all my friends/hgf/show girls they are all awsome i really don't know what i would do w/out them!
[?] lives the farthest away: Nicci,i miss her a ton!
[?] lives the closest to you:not shure
[?] most like you: Amanda/Kelsey/Corie C.
[?] Do u have a crush:none of yours!!
[?] Are you in love:nope
[?] Who: no on i said!!
[?] Who was ur first crush:ermm long time..
[?] Do u have a b/f or g/f:no!!
[?] Who do you want to kill: um let's say alot of ppl no names!
[?] who do you wanna slap: let's not say!!hah
[?] who do you wanna look like: hmm someone pretty
[?] who do you wanna be like: i wanna be myself

-You Prefer-
[?] pierce your nose or tongue: ew gross
[?] be serious or be funny: it depends on what sit im in
[?] 2 or 4 door car: 4
[?] Bridges or tunnels: tunnels
[?] One or two pillows: 1, always 1!!!
[?] flowers or angels: angels
[?] grey or gray: haha first i could not tell the diffy
[?] color or black-and-white photos:color
[?] lust or love: love
[?] sunrise or sunset: sunset
[?] M&Ms or Skittles: skittles
[?] rap or rock: rap
[?] staying up late or waking up early: staying up lattte
[?] TV or radio: radio
[?] apples or oranges: apples
[?] Pepsi or coke: coke
[?] boxers or briefs: boxers
[?] Chocolate milk or hot chocolate: hot coco
[?] McDonalds or Burger King: Burger King
[?] Sweet or sour: sweet
[?] Cats or dogs: dogs
[?] Ocean or Pool: ocean
[?] Vanilla or Chocolate: umm both
[?] Bunk-bed or waterbed:water!!i had one before they are fun..
[?] Chewing gum or hard candy: gum
[?] Lights on or off: off
[?] sun or moon: sun i can tann!
[?] Newspaper or magazine: magazine
[?] Sandals or sneakers: sandals
[?] Red car or white car: white
[?] Singing or dancing: dancing
[?] Happy or sad: happy
[?] boys or girls: boys
[?] Chicken or fish: chicken
[?] cell phone or pager: celly
[?] Eminem or DMX: eminem
[?] Barney or Sesame Street: Sesame Street they are cute!!but Barney is hotter!!
[?] Simpsons or Third Rock from the Sun: Simpsons
[?] MTV or BET: MTV
[?] Are you glad this is over?: should i be??i guess if i was you and you read it!!heh

Current Mood: sicksick--i fell it!
Current Music: Live Like You Were Dying-Tim Mcgraw


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Date:May 24th, 2005 01:21 am (UTC)


i have short term memory loss too!!!... great job at the show! you rocked the world! Love ya chicky
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Date:May 24th, 2005 01:27 am (UTC)

Re: hahaha...

thanks!!! you two!! =P
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Date:May 24th, 2005 02:34 am (UTC)


You are finally getting to know Pete... GOOD JOB. AND GOOD JOB to all HGF grils. OH yeah Shan... were the two morons
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Date:May 24th, 2005 11:02 am (UTC)

Re: :)

grils??haha u mean girls??
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Date:May 24th, 2005 07:48 pm (UTC)

Re: :)

lol... you know it.. and im proud of it!... lol... even tho im sure its prob not something to be proud of... its awesome! hehehe
<3 ya
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Date:May 24th, 2005 08:12 pm (UTC)

Re: :)

how did you get on that chas??
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